Taking Driving Test in Winter Wear Sunglasses to deal with Glare

I have already mentioned previously that you should wear sunglasses when driving in the winter sun, and recently a test candidate found this out the hard way.

Just about 3 mins from the end of a driving test, the learner was approaching a cross road junction with the sun in his face, and for some reason he had decided not to use the vehicle's blind to reduce the glare and was unaware of the giveway lines ahead. The examiner had to use the dual controls to slow down the car to avoid entering the junction blindly. During the de-brief the candidate said he didn't see the giveway due to the sun in his eyes!

Wearing sun glasses would have saved this provisional licence holder from having to take the driving test again, as that was the only serious fault made so close to the end of the 40 minutes, and it is a much safe option than having to use the car's sunblind which you might have adjust constantly as the position of the sun changes which could be asking too much in an already stressful situation for a nervous driver.

The other thing to bear in mind while driving in winter with the sun low in the sky is that other road users might be affected by the glare especially oncoming vehicles so be ready to give way or slow down if they mis-judge distances in a meeting situation, don't assume that because they are not displaying 'L' plates that they will be safe.

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