DSA Examiners cant fail you if you don't commit error!

If you are taking a UK practical car or riding driving test, the driving examiner can not fail you if you dont commit a driving error! This is one of the reasons why you should have your instructor in the car as we know the rules and therefore things can not be made up!

The problem is that any driving error could be classified as serious and this would lead to a fail and there is sometimes only a thin line between passing and failing!

For this very reason, I always teach my learner drivers to take serious any faults or weaknesses they have during driving lessons, taking the time to practice and overcome especially bad habits that they might have picked up.

If you have the mindset that it is okay to have faults which are usually marked just as a driving error (minor as some like to call it), then you could be setting yourself up for disappointment, as the examiner has final say when it comes to the driving test.
Simple mistakes like not checking the right blind spot before moving off, coasting by putting the car into neutral when stopping, rolling back slightly on Hill starts, stopping at mini-roundabouts for traffic approaching from the left are all faults that I have seen candidates fail on!

During a 40 minute driving test, it is very hard to hide bad habits, and while commiting one of the driving faults above should not usually lead to a failure, you will be suprised at how often one individual will do them when the examiner is in the car. Also that slight roll back during a hill start could occur at a junction with a car stopped too close behind you, leaving the examiner no choice but to fail you!

DONT GIVE THE EXAMINER ANY EXCUSE TO FAIL YOU! If you regularly commit a driving error work with your driving instructor to get it corrected, as it will not just go away, and hoping you do not get a harsh examiner is wishful thinking.

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