Driving Instructor making too many decisions for you

Many learner drivers think they are ready for the driving test, and are surprised when they don't succeed because they have not realised the impact of their driving instructor making so many decisions for them during driving lessons.

It could be something as simple as a prompt 'Is there enough space for you and the bus' all the way to complete instructions like 'slow down and change to second gear for this junction', you need to be completely independent with your decision making process for you to have a good chance of passing the driving test.

I recently had a pupil start driving lessons with me who had previously failed a practical test, and I was surprised by how many times this person would ask me questions like 'can I go', 'what gear should I be using here', should I indicate right at this mini roundabout' how on earth did the driving instructor allow this person to sit a practical car test if they couldn't make decisions by themselves?

I have mentioned in a previous article the learners driver record which is a list of skills the driving examiner will be checking during the 40 minute car assessment, and the need for every candidate to be independent (level 5) before going for a test.

The job of your driving instructor is to make sure you do not rely on them in order to deal with anything you encounter on the road in the weeks/days leading up to your test, a good way of checking this is by taking a mock assessment where you are only given directions and no other advice during the driving session. This should highlight any over dependence on the ADI during the decision making process.

With the right instruction and enough practice, anyone can develop the confidience and ability to make the correct decisions that will enable them to pass the UK driving test irrespective of what test centre, examiner or route the DSA throws at them!

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Thinking about becoming an instructor? Don't just make a decision based on the red driving school marketing materials you see all over the place, do the proper research and know all the options available to you.

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  1. i need help reverseing. i get confused on which way to turn steering wheel, while reverse parking. do u have any vidio that may help me?

    1. Debbie sorry for late reply, I currently don't have a video for this, but will make one soon, keep an eye on my YouTube channel, in the meantime remember steer in the direction you want the car to go.




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