Driving Lesson, Would you like your instructor on the Phone?

How would you like it, if during your driving lesson for a practical car test which could mean the difference between you keeping a new job you have just been offered which requires you to possess a full UK licence, your fully qualified driving instructor answers their mobile phone and proceeds to make a 5 minute call to a potential new learner driver?

I ask this question, because last saturday I had quite a few telephone calls, and this saturday was very busy for me with 3 seperate clients each having 2 hours driving lessons (I only work half day), so it wasn't until after I had completed the day's work that I was able to go through my messages. I noticed that one particular caller had called 5 times, but not left a voicemail, so I called the number up, and the person picked up and said sorry I've found another instructor as I urgently wanted to speak to someone about my test in 3 weeks time! I don't know what is urgent about a test appointment in 3 weeks time, but calling a driving instructor on a saturday afternoon, you are mostly likely to get no answer (busy working and doesn't interrup lessons), answer from someone who doesn't work on saturdays or answers phone on a lesson.

Irespective of how much they are charging for hourly lessons, do you think you are going to be getting the best out of your lessons if your instructor spends their time answering calls and texts when they are supposed to be teaching or supervising your test preparation?
Even if you are confident with your driving skills, and can cope with little input from your instructor, your lessons are supposed to be productive, simple things like not checking your right-hand mirror before passing a parked car could be the only mistake you make on the driving test which causes you to fail as you failed to notice a fast bike approaching from behind! You instructor would have been able to point this out to you, if they had not been busy on the phone during your lessons, because bad habits are not built in a day!

Let me give you some advice, if you call an instructor up, and he/she answers, and while you are having a conversation he/she has to interrupt you to give directions/instructions to a learner in the car, you need to ask yourself if you want that to happen to you while you are having a driving lesson? Why should I be wearing/using handsfree mobile phone earpiece when a pupil is paying me to teach them safe driving skills?

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