Jedward's Driving Instructor loses out!

According to a celebrity gossip website, the driving instructor for the x-factor finalists Jedward's quit after just 30 minutes of the first driving lesson!

Now I don't know how true this, but as a qualified ADI who has gone through the required training process that allows one to teach driving skills to anyone, I can not see how he/she could have lost control of the first lesson no matter the character of the invididuals involved. Surely the instructor would have known who the pupil was, and unless they had been living in exile would know that it would be a bad idea having both twins in the car at the same time!

As for the reports that the driving was erratic, if this was the first lesson, shouldn't it have been used for a controls lesson and then moving off and stopping, so what could have been stressful enough in that to prompt a breakdown on the part of an instructor! Even if the twins like messing about, I think there would have been an element of seriousness that prompted them to book the lessons especially if they already had bought the cars they intended to drive, so there were things that the instructor could have used to motivate them to work on the tasks at hand and focus on the goal to pass the driving test.

Anyway as the title suggested, it is the instructor that losses out, as I'm sure they will just look for someone else to teach them, and I believe that anyone can learn to drive, it just might take some time or a lot of effort, and money was not the issue here in any case, so it is just a case of finding the right person for the job.

Read the gossip. Jedward's Driving Intructor Quits.

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