DSA driving test snow compensation

With the UK met office forcasting more cold weather over the next week, it is important that you call your local DSA driving test centre (there is usually someone in from around 7.00am in the NW London test centres that I use) if you have an early morning test appointment to check if it is going ahead as the DSA does not offer compensation for tests cancelled due to snow, so it is better to stop your driving instructor from turning up, than you arriving at the centre and not taking the test.

If your ADI is unable to pick you up due to bad weather, then it is most unlikely that the DSA examiners will be able to get into the office. Even if they can, remember that the local DSA centre manager will still have to determine if the local roads are safe enough on all driving test routes, so don't assume anything, call to make sure snow, black ice or fog is not an issue.

Not everyone can take driving lessons in Snow, and because examiners are not are not instructors and not all cars have dual controls, lesson conditions are not the same as those for the practical car assessment.

If you require high quality driving lessons in NW London from a very helpful, patient and fully qualified instructor, then why not call or send me a text message on 07956233032

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