Driving test any error could be serious

If you are preparing for the UK driving test, it is important that you don't get into the mindset of think that there are major and minor errors that can be commited and marked by the DSA examiner.

Any driving error you make could potentially be classified as serious if the right circumstances occured, so if your instructor is trying to help you overcome a weakness, don't say but that is only a minor fault and I don't need to worry about it.


Take a simple example of not using the handbrake while waiting at a junction to emerge to turn right and there is a steady flow of traffic requiring you to wait for about a minute for a safe gap in a manual car (using the handbake in a automatic car has it's place as well), if nothing happens you might not get a fault, but if your foot slips and you stall inching forward slightly into the junction onto the path of an oncoming vehicle, that is serious. Okay that was your fault.
In the same scenario while waiting without the handbarake on suppose the car behind shunts you because the driver was not paying attention, and again you edge forward slightly another serious error and you might say it was not your fault because you were hit from behind, but was your vehicle secured and safe?

There are many more examples were a simple mistake can easily cause you to fail, so while I'm not saying you have to be a perfect driver to pass, I'm saying you must not have the attitude that some mistakes are okay and don't need practice getting rid of.
It could be a mirror check exiting a roundabout, use of indicators making a compulsary left or right turn, proper blindspot check during the left reverse round a corner, you know what your weakness is, don't avoid or make it insignificant.

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  1. Good illustration in the use of a hand brake.




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