HGV Driving Lessons

I've had a couple of mobile telephone calls recently asking if I offer HGV or LGV driving lessons! I have no idea where they got my number from that advertised me offering training on commercial goods vehicles, but for the record, and to avoid any doubt:

I am a DSA approved driving instructor working and providing driving lessons in NW London area on manual transmissions cars only. I do offer automatic driving lessons to anyone who has their own car and are close to the DSA test standard, and that is the only type of tuition services that I generally provide.

I am pass plus registered, so can offer that course to anyone who has recently passed the driving test. In addition I can provide motorway driving lessons if you don't want to do the full pass plus course and only need help with things like joining motorway, being confident around fast moving traffic (not everyone sticks to 70MPH national speed limit) and learning how to overtake and deal with general traffic conditions on the motorway.

Refresher lessons can also be provided for those of you who might have passed the dsa test a long time ago and need to build up some confidence in dealing with london's traffic after such a long gap especially if you are going to be driving a new car you spent your hard earned savings on.

So why not call or send me a text message on 07956233032 if you need any of the above mentioned instructor services.

Thinking about becoming an instructor? Don't just make a decision based on the red driving school TV advertisement, do the proper research and know all the instructor training options available to you.

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