Foreign licence how many driving lessons required to pass?

If you are a foreign driving licence holder who is very confident with their on the road skills but need a full british licence because your document can't be exchanged at the DVLA, then you might be wondering how many driving lessons you will need in order to get to the DSA standard required to pass the test here in the UK.

Well as every individual is different, there is no hard fast rule that a driving instructor can give, but you might be surprised that the more experience you have and the longer you have been driving, the more work and lessons you will need to be at the standard required by the DSA examiner.

The most common reason most foreign licence holders fail the driving test is that they have some bad habits that are deemed unsafe as far as the DSA standard is concerned, and the problem is that it will take more than a 2hr driving lesson in mill hill following test routes to get rid of habits that have been built 5 years driving in Russia, Poland or Zimbabwe.

On many training sessions I've had with international permit holders they try to do what I teach them is required for about 10 minutes, but once they relax a bit, they go back into that automatic mode of sloting the gear stick into neutral as they approach red traffic lights, fail to use the handbrake to secure the car even on a hill (allowing the car to roll back slowly as they move off), use gears to slow the car down or don't check mirrors before signalling.

If you have your own car, then you need to throughly go through the dsa guide to passing the driving test, and start working on getting your driving the way you will be marked by the examiner.
If you are not fortunate to have a vehilcle of your own, then you will need to take driving lessons with an instructor to gain the knowledge and practise developing these skills, and it could take anything between 10-30 lessons to develop the right habits, remembering the more frequent you have the sessions, the easier it will be. It is all about the HABITS.

If you are serious about exchanging your foreign driving licence for a full one here in the UK, then why not book an assessment 2hr driving lesson with me today, call or send me a text message on 07956233032, I'm a fully qualified ex-aa instructor, and have helped many people in similair situations, providing honest and high quality advice.

Thinking about becoming an instructor? Don't make a decision just because you see those red driving school adverts, do your own independent research and know all the ADI training options available to you.

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