Test Maneuvers Tip use handrake

Here is a quick driving test tip to help prevent you from failing the dsa practical car test while performing your maneuvers.

Take the extra seconds required to apply the handbrake if you stop to take effective observations, need to check your position, allow a car to get past you or regain control of the vehicle. The DSA examiner will not penalise you if you don't apply the handbrake during a maneuver, but what I have observed with my test candidate while giving driving lessons in Mill Hill which as the name suggests has a lot of hilly roads, is that they fail to use the handbrake, lose control as the car starts to roll, panic especially with other cars waiting, and I have to intervene!

You need to treat every driving lesson as if it were the test, and do exactly what you intend doing when the DSA examiner is in the car, marking the DL25 form! Don't lie to yourself and say I won't do that on the day, because with the pressure of driving test nerves and all that goes with it (desire to pass, theory pass certificate running out, new job depending on success), it is the habits that you have formed during your training sessions with your instructor that will come out!

It might not be compulsary, but if it keeps you safe, and there is a higher possibility of you passing by doing it, then the extra few seconds it takes is surely worth it, afterall how badly do you want to get rid of those 'L' plates.

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  1. Yes, failing in driving practical test can definitely be avoided. Here are few interactive flash driving manovures demos-





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