Driving Test appointment letter lessons to learn

If you are serious about passing the driving test, then you need to read the DSA driving test appointment letter sent to you confirming your date and time as the following article has some lessons to learn from other's mistakes.

Apart from information about the details of where your test will take place, there is a lot there that could affect whether you will actually take the test or not.

I was at Mill Hill driving test centre one day when someone arrived more than 5 minutes late rang the bell, and appologised to the examiner for arriving late, his excuse was that the bus was delayed! He was attending a test expecting the DSA to provide a car! If he had read the appoitment letter back and front, he would have known that he has to provide a car, and what the requirements of the dsa are for it to be used!

Yesterday I picked up a test candidate for the test, and while checking the documents, I asked where is your provisional licence counterpart, he replied upstairs in my appartment! So I had him go back and get it as he obviously had not read the letter which says you need both parts in order to take the test irrespective of if you have a current valid passport to verify your idendity an important lesson for foreign licence holders who think they might know it all, after all they passed the theory with minimum of fuss.

The reason the counterpart is required is so that the examiner can verify you have not been banned from driving, in which case the driving test can not go ahead.

If using your own car on driving test, then you need to read the letter to know what requirements it needs to fulfil, as I have seen many people lose their fee after turning up with cars that have bald tyres, break lights missing or broken windscreens.

The letter also mentions the simple eye test that is conducted, and how far away the number plates that you need to read will be placed, inability to read a DVLA regulation registration number plate will mean the assessment doesn't go ahead, you lose the test fee, and the DSA examiner gets a free break to have a nice cup of tea on your account.

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Read my other Driving Test Tips, and by the way did you know the DSA is introducing independent driving in the test on 4th october 2010?

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  1. Anonymous2:26 pm

    Just to illustrate the importance of reading your appointment letter properly, just today 26th march 2010, I was at the mill hill driving test centre in bunns lane nw7 with a provisional licence holder of mine who had a test rescheduled at 9.07 from Wednesday 24th that was cancelled due to the DSA examiners strike.

    A few examiners walked in took their test candidates, and there were 2 left, mine and another young lady, another examiner walks in calls my learner, and then says to the lady give me your appointment letter, let me ask one of my colleagues to make a phone call to find out why you are not on the list.

    The examiner returns and says someone will be down shortly and leaves with my pupil, I follow them not too far behind, as the Mill test centre car park is a considerable walk from the waiting room, and I always like to make sure the candidate leaves before I relax (I sometimes get queries about my video camera mounting gear in the car).

    Not too long in the car park, I see the last test candidate walk to the car alone, no examiner, a minute later the instructor follows.

    When I get back to the waiting room I ask one of the other driving instructors what happened, it turns out she missread her appointment time, her cancelled appoitment was friday 19th march at 9.07, the new one was friday 26th march @ 8.10, she turned up at 9.07!

    A loss of the £65 dsa test fee, plus what ever her instructor might have charged her for attending today in his driving school car, waiting time off work, plus more lessons before next appointment, all because attention was not paid to the DSA piece of paper sent through the post!




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