How Many Driving Lessons before learning Maneuvers

I previously answered the question how many driving lessons will you need to pass the test, but of recent I have now been getting emails enquiring on how many hours of tuition they should have before they start learning test maneuvers with their instructor.

There is one important thing I need you to know about the number of lessons any indivdual takes when learning to drive, and that is how often they are taken!
If the same person takes 4 lessons once a week, compared to 2 lessons a week, the amount of progress made will be different. The more frequent your training sessions are, the more you are likely to remember, your confidence will grow more steadly, and the easier it will be to develop the required DSA skills.
Some complete beginners take 5 lessons over a 7 week period and wonder why their instructor has not taught them the turn in the road exercise, especially when their mate at school boasts that he was learning the maneuver after 5 lessons (taken over a 2 week period), not even taking into account their individual abilities.

As a fully qualifieddriving instructor, I always tailor tution to the ability of the individual, the local roads around where they live and how they are making progress.

The normal steps would be moving off and stopping, then junctions turning left and right, then the 3 point turn (as most people call it), but there have been times when I had to introduce mini roundabouts early because a learner lived near them and had to know how to deal with them in order to drive from home.

So in a nutshell there is no set number of driving lessons before you start manouvers, also you need to take into consideration your ability and circumstances including how regularly your sessions with the instructor are and all these factors contribute to the amount of progress you make, and don't forget to keep your driver's record up to date.

14 April 2014: I just had a 2hr first driving lesson with a learner with some previous experience in a car park learning with his dad, and after doing moving off, stopping, a few junctions left and right, I taught him the DSA way of doing the bay parking exercise since he had tried this before practising with his dad.

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