Driving Instructors on Phone during Lessons

I am not one of those who take or make mobile phone calls during student's driving lessons (handsfree bluetooth or otherwise), nor do I text other learner drivers while you practise your test maneuvers. This means that you get my undivided attention during your one or two hour lesson, and I make sure attention is paid to detail (mirror checks, blind spots, correct use of POM and LADA).

All this means that sometimes if you call me, you might not get a response till later in the evening if I'm having a very busy day at the office or the next day if I don't go home straight after driving lessons.

I can't risk losing my green badge as this will happen if I as an instructor gets more than 6 points on their licence. A recent new client of my told me of his ADI being stopped by the police while on the phone during a lesson!

As a learner don't just think about costs when choosing an instructor, you need to be safe and have the skills to deal with other unsafe road users as well, not just pass a test and then go on to injure yourself, a loved one or somebody's loved one!

If you require high quality driving lessons from a very helpful, patient and fully qualified instructor, then why not call or send me a text message on 07956233032

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  2. robert the elder1:46 am

    What instructions can you offer for negotiating roundabouts that have lanes that grow from the centre of the roundabout? please,
    you can see one on google earth in peterborough at Rhubarb Bridge on lincoln road

    thanks Bob

  3. Anonymous6:49 pm

    Bob, I had a look on google earth, but not sure which roundabout you are talking about, are you able to email a picture, adi@privatehomesales.co.uk

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