No tests in Mill Hill or Hendon centres for a week

There have been no driving tests conducted at either the Mill Hill or Hendon Aviation drive centres for about a week now due to the snow and adverse weather conditions.

The last time a practical car drving test was successfully conducted was Monday 4th January 2010, so it has been a bleak new year for those who were hoping to have their full British driving licences as a present as we begin a new decade.

The DSA does not pay compensation for driving tests cancelled due to bad weather, but they are still losing a lot of money just like any other organisation.

I as a driving instructor like many other ADIs have been losing a lot of income both from having driving tests cancelled and having to cancel some lessons (I haven't been able to teach or practice any driving test maneuvers for over a week now) especially for beginners who are still mainly on the un-driveable side roads.

The additional snow that has fallen today has made matters worse and who knows if there are going to be any driving tests conducted before Monday 18th January 2010. I'm keeping my fingers crossed just like many of you who have a DSA appointment over the next few days, that some warm air blows across the UK to clear up all this ice and snow.

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