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One of the things I teach my learner driver pupils during driving lessons is that as the vehicle driver, you are in control and charge of the car. This means that you do everything within your power to be comfortable while driving.

If it is too hot or cold, then adjust the temperature to suit you, so you can concentrate or the driving skills you are being tested on. If you are thirsty, have brought your bottled water, then either take a drink when you are asked to do a normal stop (once the car is fully secured), or perform the stop by yourself, tell the examiner you need to take a quick drink, and get yourself re-hydrated.

You can also perform a normal stop if you find your left clutch foot shaking uncontrollably due to driving test nerves, and need to take a quick break to recompose yourself.

The DSA examiner is there to access if you can be safely in charge of a car unsupervised, drive at the required standard without being a danger to other road users (you need to know what the DSA's definition of danger to other road users is), and just because you turned left at a junction instead of right (using the correct MSM procedure) is not a reason for being given a serious driving error and fail you.

If you've been used to playing mellow music during driving lessons while preparing for the test there is no reason why you shouldn't have the same CD or radio station on with the DSA examiner in the car, just make sure it is not too loud for you to hear the instructions being given. On the same note, you don't have to talk to the examiner if it affects your ability to concentrate, and it is best if to make this known before the test starts when the examiner starts to talk to you as you go to the car.

You can not blame anyone for not succeeding on the practical test, so make sure you maintain total control of the environment.

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