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In response to some email queries about if it is possible to get one day car insurance to cover for the driving test, the short answer is yes, there are a few brokers and insurance companies that can provide for short term including 24hrs policy for provisional licence holders.

Reasons for getting a one day insurance policy for the driving test might include late pull out by your instructor (car problem or personal/family), friend changes mind, or you just bought the car and want to use it for test before sorting out full annual cover including finances.
While the DSA examiner will not ask to see your insurance certificate before you begin the driving test, you will have to sign a declaration saying the vehicle is insured, which will be referred to in case of a road traffic incident involving you and the examiner.

As with all cases of insurance, you have to shop around to get the best one day insurance quote, but don't expect very cheap insurance cover, afterall the companies are there to make a profit and not just help you to fufil your legal obligations to 3rd parties.

Whatever the case, don't attempt to go for a practical car driving test in the UK without the appropriate car insurance. The examiner is not supervising you, rather they are accessing your skills and whether you have reached the DSA standard required to be allowed on to the streets of the UK un-accompanied, plus because they have never met you before are unable to predit how you will act in a particular situation, so the risks of being in an accident are higher than when with your instructor or normal supervising driver.
You might find out that it works out cheaper if you Hired a driving instructor's car for the test, not only will the examiner be more relaxed and favourable, it is less stress for you, and you don't have to worry about if you are properly covered or not.

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