Driving Offences, Police, ANPR and Penalty points

There are many provisional licence and fully qualified drivers out there commiting traffic offences such as driving without insurance, road tax, MOT, etc and think that they will continue to get away with it and not be caught by the police. The truth is that every day I'm getting email enquires mainly from learner drivers getting caught speeding on a provisional license and wondering if they can still take the test (including theory element), if their licence is going to be revoked or they will get a driving ban.

It doesn't matter what type of licence you have, if you go about breaking the law of the road traffic act 1988, then sooner than later you will get caught.

The police now has technology on their side, and one of the greatest weapons in use nowadays by road traffic cops is the ANPR database. If you car has no insurance, no MOT, no road tax, the vehicle has been stopped by the police in the past for any law breaking offence, then it will be recorded on this database to which all traffic enforcement officers have access to.

Almost all cars used by the police on traffic duties have a camera linked to this ANPR information, and it will automatically alert them if the number plates it sees have been entered in the database for whatever reason (driving a car on provisional licence unsupervised, banned driver by magistrates or due to 12 points on the totting up system).

It is now more difficult than ever to hide from the police and the law, gone are the days of issuing a producer, the police can now tell if you have a licence, what type, if you've been banned, if you have insurance to drive a car, if the car is stolen, all on the spot, just by checking the online ANPR information which is updated on a daily basis.

So if you want to avoid points on your licence, then now is the time to get your act straight, pass the driving test and stop driving on a provisional licence with insurance that is not valid because you are not being supervised.

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