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driving lessons london toyota yaris 3 doorIn a previous post I mentioned a practical test being terminated due to a fault with my then Ford Fiesta school car. In that blog I said that I will be changing the vehicle once my instructor car lease expired.

Well I have now moved over to using a 3 door Toyota Yaris as my school car for offering driving lessons to my clients here in NW London, and it seems to be much more reliable than the Ford Fiesta I was using previously. The reverse gear does not stick, the bonnet has no problems closing, nor does the seat tilting mechanisim fail. I'm looking forward to a few years of good service from my small Toyota Yaris 1.0, and though it is slightly less power full than the ford, I can live with that especially since it is more fuel efficient, and I'll be spending less on petrol costs.

The change to my school car has had a 2 sided effect for me as an instructor, while I haven't lost any of my current learner drivers, I have seen a few enquiries lose interest in taking lessons in the Yaris insisting in being more comfortable driving a Ford Fiesta. Having said that, many new provisional licence holders have commented on how smooth and enjoyable they have found learning in the Toyota yaris, with some saying the higher driving position has boosted their confidence behind the wheel.

While not all learners will allow the type of car used to affect their choice of driving instructor, for some (especially if close to a test), then the vehicle could sway their decision.

If you are thinking of using cheap driving lessons to learn to drive, you might want to think again about your choice.

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  1. Hi, I’m looking for lessons in a Toyota Yaris (NW5), just as you have described above. Please can you let me know how to contact you.
    Thanks, Steff




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