DSA Test Maneuvers - Adjust your Mirrors

Before starting any of the 4 driving test maneuvers that you might be asked to do by the dsa test examiner, it is okay to adjust your mirrors to help you see more easily the bay parking lines or the kerb for the reverse round the corner exercise. Just remember to put them back to the position for normal driving immediately you complete the maneuver before moving off again.

Now because you are allowed to adjust your mirrors while performing a practical car test maneuver, it is important that you don't stare in the mirror and forget to take effective observations around you, or you will miss the pedestrian walking behind the vehicle or the silent hybrid toyota overtaking you which you are swinging out towards.

If you move off without re-adjusting your mirrors, don't panic, find a safe place to pull up on the left as soon as possible. Remember the test candidate of mine that passed the test with one error, he changed the mirrors to reverse round the corner, completed the exercise, was told to turn left, he moved off and turned into the new road realised the mistake, stopped on the left (mentioning he had to re-adjust his mirrors, not that he needed to), corrected the mirrors and continued with the test. At the end, the examiner did not mark him down for it.

If you are thinking of using cheap driving lessons to learn to drive, you might want to think again about the choice you make, as it could be an expensive mistake.

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