I am a driving instructor

I am a DSA approved instructor (not member of IAM advanced driving organisation) based in London, and can offer driving lessons to those of you resident in the NW postcodes who need pratical help, advice and practice to pass the car driving test who don't currently have an ADI, have learnt to drive with a friend/family member and need their skills assessed or are looking to change instructors for whatever reason.

I say this for a few reasons, I don't work for the DVLA, and therefore can not help you with queries regarding whether you will receive a driving licence ban for whatever offence you were caught committing, nor can I tell you how many points a magistrate will give you for things like driving without insurance on a provisional licence not displaying 'L' plates alone and unsupervised. These anwsers can be provided by DVLA staff, solicitors who specialise in traffic offences and generally not by driving instructors who mainly give lessons to prepare you for the test and obtain a full licence.

In recent weeks, I have been getting a lot of emails or comments on this blog regarding points on licenses, asking if they will get banned for specific offences or what the DVLA will do now that they have 9 points and recently passed the test. Unfortunately I'm unable to answer any of these emails or comments (there are a lot of them for that matter), so please don't get offended if your email or comment has been ignored, as it will be too time consuming to reply to everyone even if only to say sorry I can't help you.

If you are concerned about losing your licence, then you need to seek legal advice in respect of your individual case with lawyers that are able to stop you from getting banned, otherwise you just have to wait and see what will happen. For those of you who are committing driving offences and haven't yet been caught by the police, now is a good time to amend your ways, as sooner than later, the long arm of the law will get you.

If you are thinking of using cheap driving lessons to learn to drive, you might want to think again about your choice.

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