Passed driving test 1 minor error

Today one of my learner driver pupils came the closest to passing the driving test with no driver errors at the hard Mill Hill dsa centre when he got that pass certificate with only one mistake made during the 40 minute assessment in a manual car, the feedback from the dsa examiner being he was very good and safe driver, something he should keep up.

This was not the first time that someone taking driving lessons in London with me had passed with only commiting one mistake (I can think of at least 3 other this year), but what made it such a close call for me getting my first no mistake pass was the driving error was made during the part of the assessment when the candidate had complete control of what happened, performing the easiest driving test maneuver A turn in the road, the minor being for checking the right blind spot just after the car started moving instead of before!

With the current average pass rate being only about 40%, making only one mistake is a very big achievement for any learner driver, but it doesn't just happen, especially when you consider the fact, that my client had held an Iranian licence for many years, with many bad driving habits. It takes hard work, the right attitude towards the test, listening to instructor advice, making the right preparation by taking adequate driving lessons with a fully legal instructor, dealing with any weaknesses (all it takes is one mistake to fail if classified serious) and being confident in your driving skills/decision making.

Now don't get me wrong, you don't need to be a perfect driver rarely making mistakes to pass the hard UK car test, but you do need to be at the right standard which can only be achieved through proper training from driving lessons, and as much practise as possible (private or otherwise), so that by the time you sit in the car with the examiner the test nerves are subdued, your skills are polished and you are confident you will be giving it your best shot.

If you need some driving lessons to help you on your way to passing the test in north west London, from a dedicated, honest, independent and patient instructor, then give me a call on 07956233032 today, you just might be the person that would give me that record of a no error test pass!

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  1. Anonymous11:57 am

    The title to this piece caught my eye while googling for info, as I passed last week with 1 minor. I was expecting 10 or more.

    Circumstances might have helped, as early in the test I was dangerously cut up at a roundbaout and gave an involuntary chuckle as I slowed abruptly, and then I murmured, "Oh, cheers mate." Road rage is no part of me at all, and I'd just proved it without meaning to. Maybe that's why the examiner felt all but 1 of my other faults were not worth noting.

    (Anonymous comment, as some people think I passed years ago!)

  2. I passed with one minor too.. I turned to wide on a left turn..




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