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Importance of driving lessons
If you want to have a good chance of passing your next attempt at the DSA practical car test then you should be taking driving lessons with an approved legal instructor. Now let me explain that just because you are taking driving lessons doesn't mean you have done everything required to get to the test standard, there are 2 roles that your having tuition has to satisfy.

1. Learn the required skills that will be tested by the examiner (Driving test maneuvers, how to deal with junctions/roundabouts, moving off and stopping).

2. Gain enough experience using those skills in various situations, different roads, time of the day.

Many learner drivers do not seem to understand the relevance of point 2 above, and I'd like to illustrate it with the example of what I would consider the easiest driving test maneuver a DSA examiner can request a candidate to perform, The Turn in the Road.

The turn in the road is most likely the first maneuver your instructor would have taught you while taking driving lessons with them, and it shouldn't take more than 2 lessons (for the average learner) to understand the reference points, clutch control and the way this exercise is carried out. So by the 3rd lesson after you were first introduced to it, you should be able to carry out the maneuver without any help from the instructor on the same road you were taught under the same circumstances. Does that mean you have reached the DSA test standard?
Of course not, you need experience of doing the 3 point turn on more narrow roads, know how to deal with situations where other cars arrive while carrying out the maneuver, when should I stop if other road users are noticed, and when should I not stop.

Since the DSA advices that a learner driver should have around 40 hours of driving lessons and plenty of private practise, therefore by the time a candidate goes to a test, they should have done the turn in the road maneuver around at least 40 times, so the important question why do people still fail the test on the simplest maneuver?
Not enough driving lessons, lack of adequate experience, poor instruction or just test nerves?

I offer high quality honest driving lessons to learner drivers in the North West London area, don't hold you back from making progress just because I want to make money out of you, my reputation is more important to me, and believe in good customer service knowing that a satisfied customer will give me many years of recommendations, and while not everyone would agree that I offer cheap driving lessons, I can tell you that I offer one of the best value for money driving tuition services in the area, in addition to free video recording of lessons for those who might benefit from revising in the comfort of their homes.

Driving Test Tips
I have mentioned before on this free online driving advice blog, that it only takes one driving error for a provisional licence holder to fail the 40 minute dsa practical assessment, which is why I offer various driving test tips with the hope that one of them will help save someone from committing a fault that will cost them that coveted pass cerificate. Some of the tips might be obvious, but as an instructor who has had the opportunity of sitting in on driving tests of many learner drivers, I can comfortably say that all advice given is based on real life situations so I'm sure there will be something that would benefit you.,
Sometimes people fail the driving test not because they are ill-prepared but due to silly mistakes which if they had thought about beforehand might have been avoided.

Driving Videos Exiting Test Centres

A picture they say is better than many words, so what about a video. When ever words are not enough to help explain what is required by the dsa examiner during the driving test, I use an online video. These videos could either be from an actual driving lesson or they are specifically shot and cover various topics like roundabouts, hesitation or failing driving test for being too slow, there is something that you can learn from. has been offering free online help to provisional licence holders since 2005, and has over 400 articles so if you can't find what you are looking for immediately, then use the search box at the top of the page to see if your query has already been addressed, before posting a question.

Free online video - Bay parking Lesson

If you are considering training to become a driving instructor then make sure you take note of other people's experience, and do proper research before making any desions and parting with your hard earned money or take on any finance agreements with Barclays or other companies.

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