Barnet driving test centre - no toilets!

I don't go there often, so yesterday I had to take a pupil to the Barnet driving test centre EN5 1AD and was caught short on the way down, and had forgotten that they don't have any toilet facilites for their customers!

I rushed out of the car, and as I entered the waiting room it clicked no toilets. I had to run down the road to the local pub, order a drink, and then ask to use their facilities.

Luckly it was me that ended up panicking, so if you have a driving test in the barnet centre (especially those using their own private car for the practical), make sure you empty your bladder before setting off.

While on the subject of driving test at Barnet, don't think this is an easy place to pass just because you can get an earlier test date, as the DSA examiners here are very strict, and expect you to adhere to the high standard expected of any test candidate, so make sure you are prepared, as the routes are varied, can include fast country roads, dual carriageways and busy high streets.

Should you require to hire a vehicle for the test at barnet london, or a couple of lessons to familiarise yourself with the examiner routes, then give me a call on 07956233032.

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