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Have you recently finally passed the driving test, you might be thinking thank God I don't have to take no more driving lessons, and I can now relax and start enjoying my status as a full British licence holder. Well it is not quite over yet, and while there are no legal reasons why you should take any post driving test tuition, I'm going to advice you to seriously consider going on a pass plus course.

The most common reason driving instructors give to new full driving licence holders for taking pass plus driving course is that they can get insurance discounts, especially if they are young and aged between 17 and 25. This isn't a bad idea, but you shouldn't be taking advanced driving lessons just because it might save you some money, you should seek to improve your skills after passing the driving test because it would make you a better/safer driver, could save your life, or the life of someone close to you.
Many new drivers don't fully appreciate the full responsibility of what being in control of a car actually means. Think of this, the lives of up to 7 other people could literally be in your hands as you travel at 70mph on a dual carriageway to a holiday destination, wedding, party or on the way to visit family or friends. One mistake (it might not even be yours), could lead to consequencies that you would have to deal with for the rest of your life. Consequencies that could cost you more than the £200 or so that you might have saved by not taking the advanced driving lessons or pass plus. Money you can easily replace even if you have to beg to get it, but can you replace a life, limb, eye or someone's brain?

Pass Plus is about developing the right attitude, gaining extra experience like driving in fog, always thinking about being safe even when it might cost you time, your pride or make you seem weak in the sight of other drivers or friends.

You also get to do some motorway driving lessons which will teach you how to cope with the high speeds involved, as well as being safe despite the many unsafe things that other 'experienced' drivers might be doing out there. So having these advanced post test driving lessons will be a step in the right direction of avoiding penalty points and risking losing your licence and going back to learner status as you will be more aware of speed limits because you want to abide by the road traffic act laws and would not be caught trying to run red lights.

If you've passed the driving test recently, why not take pass plus and see how it will change your driving attitude, there are not tests, and you'll be getting tuition without having to display "L" plates.
The 6 modules will cover topics like all weather driving, urban and sub-urban driving, motorway tuition, and are usually conducted in 2hr lesson slots though you can have longer sessions if you want.

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  1. The Pass Plus course should be mandatory in my view as not only does it teach new drivers the extra skills necessary to safe driving but it also gives new drivers experience on fast roads such as motorways etc before they actually attempt it on thier own. Couple all these extra benefits with the relatively low price for the course and you have a great program for extra road safety. This is before you include added benefits such as reduced insurance quotes which is always nice for any driver

  2. Pass Plus is a good standard to learn, Walter

  3. Hi, I uploaded a new video on youtube that explains the benefits of taking the Pass Plus Scheme and is presented by a DSA approved advanced driving instructor.




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