Driving Test Tip - Neutral Gear

This driving test tip is for those of you foreign and international licence holders who have decided to attempt the dsa practical car assessment without help from an instructor.

While I don't think that this driving tip alone will guarantee you will pass the driving test, it will be one step in the right direction.

One common driving habit that I find a lot of foreign licence holders have when driving a car is that they shift into neutral gear just as they are about to stop. This is a very unsafe habit, and it doesn't matter if you are stopping on the left, in traffic or at a junction, if you get hit from behind by another car while your car is in neutral gear, then your car will be free to roll into the junction, car in front.

So if you are a international licence holder that wants to take the UK practical car driving test, you need to start working on getting rid of this bad habit, and I can tell you, the longer you have been driving, the harder it will be to stop shifting into neutral gear as you stop your car.

You might also want to do a little more research about what the dsa examiner is looking for if you want to have a better chance of passing the driving test on your first attempt, because passing the theory element is no indication of how you are going to perform in the car, but more importantly the examiner is assessing more than your ability to move a car from A to B.

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  1. Anonymous4:51 pm

    Definitely agree. Have no accidents or speeding tickets. Have driven 15 years. 10 in manual in canada. 3 in automatic in the uk. 2 in automatic in canada. Passed my drivers test first time in canada. Failed the test now in the uk because I went into neutral too much around right corners.




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