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One of the most important things you need to remember while on the UK driving test, is that your driving must not affect other road users in a negative way (causing them to slow down, change direction or put them at the risk of danger). Road users range from people (pedestrians), bicycles, motor cyclists and other motor vehices, and of these, the most vulnerable are pedestrians so you will fail the driving test it at any time your endanger them during your practical car road test (splashing them by driving through a puddle is something I continue to warn learner drivers against whenever it rains).

Maneuvers are particularly important times where you need to be very observant when it comes to other road users, and you need to have enough driving experience to have dealt with the various scenarios that you might encounter on the test. knowing when to stop or continue while on the left reverse round the corner for example is something you won't know if you've only done it 5 times before on a particular corner someone has told you is on your local driving test centres route. How many times have you had people walk behind your car while you are reversing? Would you be able to have seen them while trying not to touch the kerb, look out for other cars, keep the car slow, deal with test nerves all at the same time? You can't blame someone else (the pedestrian in this case for not waiting for you to complete the maneuver) if that action caused you to fail the driving test.

Aggressive drivers

It is a shame that there are so many inconsiderate road users out there that would show aggresive behaviour to learner drivers who are trying to gain experience and pass their driving test, however it is part of the learning process knowing how to deal with these type of people. Anyone putting in for a practical car assessment would have passed their driving theory test and should know the appropriate action to take when being followed closely by another vehicle, which is what you should be making an effort to practice during your lessons with your instructor or supervising driver.
No matter what the car behind you is doing, you should not emerge into a junction to turn right if it is not safe (even if you missed one safe gap which you might have been given a hesitation driving error for) on both sides. Don't bow to the pressure of the fact that you have been waiting for a minute, if it is not safe, it is not safe, and the examiner will not expect you to do something dangerous to please the car behind you.

If you are not sure of what to do, ask your driving instructor, if you don't have one, you could even have a quick word with a DSA examiner after a test at your centre (they wouldn't be able to teach you what to do, but can answer what they would do on a test if a candidate was waiting at a busy junction for over a minute).

Get enough driving experience under your belt with driving instructors, and don't allow not knowing how to deal with other road users fail you on the test and deny you your pass certificate and full British licence.

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