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If you currently hold a provisional licence and are learning to drive a car, then you ultimately want to book a driving test, pass and get your full UK driving licence, probably do this as soon as possible in the shortest time availabe and spending the least amount of money in a matter or days or a week in some cases.

With the current credit crunch biting hard, I'm not surprised that many learner drivers are looking for ways of getting a guaranteed driving test pass from an instructor or school.

The only place you will be offered a guaranteed driving test pass is on some intensive driving courses, and usually what you do get offered is a free re-test and not your money back if you don't pass your DSA driving assessment.

The reason some of these crash driving courses offer these driving test guarantees is not because they are very good schools, but that the very nature of a 5 day or 1 week residential intensive driving course you will cover a lot of material in a very short period, and most people will be able to get to test standard given the number of driving lessons you will have over the days you will be there. These cram driving sessions will be exhausting, repetitive (which is good in the short term for the driving test) and have been designed for one purpose only, getting a pass and not necessarilly being a good driver! In fact if you don't drive for a long time after getting a driving licence through this means, it is possible for you to totally forget a lot of the things that you learnt during the week, which is not good for you and other road users you might come across when you start driving your car.

Don't expect to be offered a driving test guarantee by a normal local ADI for the usual weekly lessons as passing the test is up to the individual on the day, and no matter how well your instructor has prepared you, at the end of the day it is what you do during those 40 minutes while the DSA examiner is in the car that counts, and from experience there can be some very strange behaviours exibited, with some learner drivers acting totally out of character either due to driving test nerves, some wrong advice by friends or family or even a decision by the candidate themselves to do something they haven't be taught!

You as a learner driver can offer yourself a driving test pass guarantee by doing a few things:

1. Do not book a driving test until your instructor advices you that you are ready by which time you should have fully covered the DSA syllabus and you know that you are truely independent at performing all tasks that will be required of you by the DSA examiner without being prompted or helped by your ADI.

2. Get enough driving practise before presenting yourself at the DSA test centre, especially on junctions, fast dual carriageways and manuevers.

3. Familiarise yourself with the requirements of the Driving Standards Agency. The DSA Website has all the information you need to know about the driving test to guarantee a pass. The DSA DL25 report form for example tells you how the DSA examiner assesses your driving.
The DSA Book Driving - the Essential Skillsis another valuabe resource that will make you a safe driver (un-safe driving is always a serious error) and thus give you a better chance of passing, and the book will clear up any grey areas you might have on what is safe or not safe to do on the test.

4. Build good driving habits. 40 minutes is a long time for a learner driver test candidate, and sooner than later all those bad habits will exhibit themselves, mirror checks, using the handbrake when necessary, moving off in the wrong gear, approaching junctions to fast, going over the speed limit! Don't do anything that will fail you on the test during a driving lesson, your excuse that 'I won't do it on the test' is you being a lazy learner driver and will catch you out!

Your Driving test pass guarantee is yourself, and the sooner you start putting in the necessary work, the more nearer you are to your goal of getting that coveted full UK license.

Dont forget you can't book another driving test with the DSA after failing for another 10 days, so no matter the course you are on, you might have to take another trip down for the second or third attempt. Tuition and test fees might be included in the guarantee, but lodging, travel, meals and time off work are certainly not. Read the small print and don't be sucked in by the sales pitch. These courses are not cheap after all.

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