Bad Mock Driving Test

Bad Lesson before Test Day

A mock test is a good way of finding out how prepared a learner driver is for the real DSA test, so it is quite common for your driving instructor to conduct a mock test in the days running up to your appointment with the DVSA examiner.

A mock driving test can reveal a lot to the learner driver even if it is conducted by your own ADI, as just having your instructor next to you only giving directions and not answering those little queries or prompting you about developing situations on the road can bring home the fact that you are not quite as independent with your driving skills as you thought you were during normal driving lessons, and therefore you can not be able to tick the number 5 box on your DSA drivers record.

If you have a mock test with a different approved driving instructor, this could help the candidate get used to being a driver in a car with a different or strange person assessing your skills as will be the case on the day of your DSA driving test, so you have a chance of dealing with the nerves in an examination environment.

Bad Mock Driving Test

As with the real McCoy, anything could happen during your mock assessment, and as a driver that claims to be at the required standard, you should be able to deal with the situation safely, and under control, this is why it is important that you have had plenty and enough practice in varied conditions allowing you to have the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure your success especially if you want to pass the driving test on your first attempt!

The good thing about having a bad mock test is that it highlights any weaknesses you might have, a learning experience that you can use during the DVSA driving test and the knowledge that it was not the real thing.

If necessary and there is time, you can reschedule your driving test (not usually very popular here in London with test centre waiting times between 6-8 weeks), take additional tuition to iron out any outstanding issues or just take more time to practice those multi-lane roundabouts or other skills that you had problems with on the mock.

If you have not scheduled one with your instructor or a different ADI, why not do so NOW before your appointment with the driving examiner, it could help you with that all important pass on your test!

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