Illegal Driving Instructors (Failed PDI)

There are a few illegal driving instructors operating in the UK, some offering very cheap driving lessons that learner drivers cannot resist in the current credit crunch economy of ours. You should however know that using an illegal driving instructor is dangerous, and you could be prosecuted for aiding a criminal offence! Yes it is a criminal offence in the UK to take money or monetary reward (including fuel costs) from someone for teaching them to drive if you are not a qualified driving instructor who has their name on the DVSA's register of driving instructors.

Some of the dangers involved with taking driving tuition from someone not on the official .GOV register of ADIs apart from the fact that it is illegal are:

You could be driving with someone who has a criminal conviction (The DVLA is currently CRB checking all its driving instructors).
You could be driving without insurance (a criminal offence in itself).
You could be receiving substandard and out of date training.
You could be prosecuted for aiding/abetting a criminal offence.

So if someone is offering £15 cheap driving lessons in London, leeds, bradford or anywhere for that matter, you'd better check they are operating legally before taking up such an offer, as the good deal might get you in trouble.

Be safe, pay a little more and don't go with illegal driving instructors choose an authorised ADI.

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  1. how can driving instructor offer driving lessons for £15 you are 100% correct the pupils should make sure that the instructor is genuine




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