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Driving Instructor ADI number
Further to my recent illegal driving instructors article, if you are trying to book a practical driving or theory test online via the DSA website or over the phone, you might be asked for your instructors ADI number and might not have it, you can still go ahead and book the test by leaving the field blank. It will not affect your test if you select do not have instructor, even if you are learning to drive with a qualified UK ADI.

If you ask your instructor ADI their number for this purpose, and are not given, or the number you are given is not recognised by the DSA test booking system, this does not point to the fact that something might be fishy with your driving instructor. The ADI number requirement on the DVSA driving test system is just a measure to stop your instructor from being double booked on a practical test, and for it to work the ADI has to first register their details with the booking system. Not all do this (especially since there is a form to fill and a fee involved), also some prefer to manually keep track of their tests and other lessons, and just because a driving instructor does not have a test booked at a particular time does not mean that they will be free to take you for your appointment, so it is important if you want to use your instructors car for your driving test, then confirm your intentions with them first of all so they can let you know of any dates they possibly can not make.

If you are suspicious of if your driving instructor is operating legally or not, then contact the DSA in the first instance on 02920 581155 or the police via your local station number.

A refusal of ADI number to book a test, or the number not being recognised by the DSA testing system is no reasons for suspicion. Your ADI should however be displaying their ADI green badge on the dashboard/windscreen while giving paid tuition and should produce it when asked to prove that they are entitled to charge money for giving tuition by anyone who requests so.

Protect yourself, don't just take cheap driving lessons from anyone, make sure your driving instructor is legal check the personal reference number on the green badge and their current status on your first driving lesson that way if you don't think they are really qualified, you can go somewhere else before you have spent too much money on lessons with the instructor.

DSA Examiner Driving Test Routes

As an instructor over the years I have seen some very good drivers get tripped up at some tricky places on some of the routes by examiners in the NW London area, so I have made these tutorial videos to cover these situations.

Each video covers what I have found out to the toughest route, and has additional tips on other places or things that you should be aware as a driving test candidate. These are offered as complimentary preparation materials to your lessons or private practice sessions.

Hendon Driving Test Routes Video 2017

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Independent Driving On the Test.
Theory Test Changes
Driving Test Changes.

Mill Hill Driving Test Route Video

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Borehamwood Test Centre WD6 Route Videos

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