Under 17 Driving on Private Property

Driving without Licence 16 year old

If you are interested in Driving lessons for 11 - 16 yrs in brent cross NW London, then the Young driver programme sponsored by Admiral Insurance using Seat cars might be of interest to you.

You don't need a provisional licence to drive a car on private land or property, many 16 year olds have gotten their first taste of driving by going on special under 17 year driving experiences conducted on private land all over the UK.

If you are a 15, 16 year old who can't wait to turn 17 before getting into a driving seat, then going on these under 17 driving courses could wet your appetite, and get you on the way to learning to drive a car.

You should however note that while supermarket car parks are private property, the public generally has access, and while technically you might not need a driving licence to drive in a supermarket car park, you DO NEED to be insured to legally drive there. The other day while practising how to bay park with a pupil in a supermarket car park, I noticed a young man and probably his dad practising in the car park. The car was not displaying 'L' plates, which made me wonder if the driver had a provisional licence. If your are driving in a supermarket car park without a driving licence, then you won't be insured, and if you hit someone or even if someone hit you, then you would be in big trouble, so don't drive in a supermarket car park without a driving licence and insurance!

The under 17 driving experiences I mentioned at the beginning are conducted on private property that the public does not generally have access to, and even these driving courses do have insurance not only protecting those learning to drive, but the vehicles, the property they drive on, and the instructors.

You have been warned, you can't as an under 17 year old drive on a supermarket car park without a provisional licence and car insurance, so don't attempt it, even if you have gotten away with it in the past.

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