Driving Lessons -Aged 50

Are you learning to drive and have just started taking driving lessons aged 50, and find the whole affair though and hard going, you are not alone.

I currently have 2 women aged around 50 who are taking driving lessons because they want to learn to drive and pass the driving test.

One of the women taking driving lessons is a complete beginner, with no previous driving experience whatsoever, and I remember her first 2 hour driving lesson where we did the cockpit drill, car controls and finally moving off and stopping. The theory bit was okay, but once the time came to actually start the practical bit of the driving lesson, she became nervous at the thought of being in control of the car. Having reassured her that we would not be doing anything radical, we proceeded through the lesson briefing for moving off and stopping, started the engine, began the POM routine, and her feet were literally shaking while trying to find the biting point! To cut the story short, we went on to do moving off and stopping several times during the driving lesson, repeating things just to build her confidence, while trying to get her to remember the sequence of things.

We have now had over 15 driving hours of tuition, but are still dealing with junctions approaching to turn left and right, emerging right and left. We haven't been able to have lessons every week either due to work commitments or other things, and if the gap is long, then we usually find out that we have to take a lot of time revising and practising what has been covered in the past. The point I'm making is that it is not going to be easy learning to drive at 50, 40 or 30 for that matter compared to being a 17 year old. Whether you like it or not, the body and mind slows down the older you are, unless you have trained it all along while growing old.

The other woman taking driving lessons with me also aged 50 or so has a foreign driving licence, but needs to pass the driving test here, as the licence is not exchangeable.
Now she can handle a car, and drive from A to B, but she is not safe, and does not use the MSM, POM routine while driving, and to be able to pass the driving test I'm trying to help her retrain those bad habits she has learnt over 16 years of driving, and she also is find it hard. What even makes thing more complex is she is thinking about the financial implications of having to take professional driving lessons to pass the driving test!

If you are an elderly learner driver be you aged 50, 40 or even 30, my advice would be continue to give it your best, use all the resources you can find (I record the lessons of my 50 year old learner drivers onto DVD so they can watch at home) to help you achieve that goal of yours, the road might be though, but if you stick with it, then you will achieve your dream.

Don't give up driving lessons because you are aged 50 and finding it difficult.


  1. Anonymous7:18 am

    Over 50 - took a years worth of lessons twice a week. Passed theory and practical - first time for both. It can be done.

  2. im over 50 and been taking lessons for 2 years now,started with no confidence at all hopefully wont be long till im ready for my test

  3. Wish you well with your driving goal Sarah, my videos have tips that can also help once the time comes.

  4. I'm 50. I passed my practical test on the first attempt today. I had 40 lessons - one hour a week. Age was no barrier, in fact quite the opposite. You learn perseverance as you get older.

  5. I am 57 and learning how to drive. Obivously I am still struggling with some things after 30 lessons. Roundabouts are still a nightmare.

    1. Just keep up with your lessons, don't give up and you will achieve the goal.

  6. I am 50 been learning to drive for 2 years ! but passed yesterday - don't give up and find a driving instructor who spends time explaining things. It is worth it .

  7. Anonymous1:17 pm

    Me too 50 and just a learner and am good at driving good speeds and junctions really hard and made me something terrified today my first session in my car authoritative driving schools control over the car ,still a pounding heart

  8. Hi i am 57 had 10 lessons still get nerves but will keep trying




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