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If you are a driving instructor, and don't have a driving school website, then you are missing out using a very effective marketing tool to promote your driving school business. Most of your target customers in the learning age bracket of 17-40 will have access to a computer either at home or work/college, and if they don't have a driving instructor recommendation from a family member or friend, then the internet is the next place they are going to search looking for a driving school. Can you therefore afford not to have a website that is passively promoting your driving instructor skills? The good thing about marketing your driving school via a website, is that anyone finding it via a search engine is already looking for a driving instructor so there is a better chance of a conversion as opposed to placing a driving school classified advert in a local shop (I'm not saying you should stop that), where you advert will be competing for attention among various other services.

Not just any driving instructor website

Before you rush out and spend your money on putting up a driving instructor website just to make sure your driving school is not left out of the modern technology race, there are a few things you need to be aware of when setting up your driving instructor website.
There are millions of pages on the internet, and for your driving school to have any chance of being found you need to know what a potential client will be looking for and target that with your website.
I'm a driving instructor based in Mill Hill, London, and I know that a potential client will either be looking for driving lessons mill hill, driving instructor mill hill, driving school mill hill, or learning to drive mill hill, and guess what, they will find my website/driving school blog, because it has been targeted for those type of searches on the internet!
This is what you want your website to be able to do, so it is important whether you setup the website yourself, or get someone to do it for you, that your driving instructor website is not lost among the millions of pages out there.

Your driving school website is not going to end up on the first page of a google search for driving lessons shenley overnight, but with the right setup, and a bit of work on your part, it could be there in 4 months.

So before you pay anyone money to setup a driving instructor website for you, ask for examples of their work, do a search on google, and check to see where the website falls when looking for a driving instructor in the area that the website is meant to market. Can you imagine how many enquiries a week you could be getting with a well designed and optimised driving instructor website?

Driving School Blog

As an extension to your website, or even instead of a website, did you know that having a driving instructor blog could help market your driving school business? Blogs are pretty simple to setup, are optimised for search engines, and with a little work on your part could help you establish an online presence that could not only drive traffic to your website, but increase your potential driving school clients.

It takes time to break into the driving school market, but having a driving instructor website or blog could help make that break quicker, as long as you are ready to put in the work. Get a good, well designed and optimised driving school website today.

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  1. Anonymous4:11 pm

    I agree - in today's world marketing is key. Without successful marketing you will not have a successful business. It is true that 95% of the targeting clientèle with regards to Driving Schools will have the access to the web, but has anyone considered that 99% of these same people will have access to a mobile phone? By using WAP services as a means of effective communication with prospective clients phone numbers and details can be left whilst both you and the client are on the move, and lets be realistic here... a successful driving instructor will not be available to check emails whilst working!! So why not check through the mobile web?

    There are plenty of companies who promise to deliver an effective Web site, and many do, but really there is only one Market Leader when it comes to WAP Advertising/promotions and hosting - and the best bit is that the basic package is FREE! and then you can purchase bolt on to update the service, or even employ one of the team for a very reasonable fee to actually build the site!! You simply can not loose.

    With the introduction and increase use of Datamatrix/QR/2D barcodes you can even place this simple product onto your existing car/advertising medium, which will automatically "drive" (excuse the pun!) the end user to your site!! All the user has to do is use their mobile phone reader (built into most modern handsets) to read the code - and they are off to your site in seconds!

    This is an excellent cutting edge mode of mobile advertising/marketing and business promotion.

    Take a look at www.wapple.net, or alternatively give me a call direct on +441527 558247 - or email me at liz.jordan@wapple.net

    I will be happy to speak with you about your needs and to work out what works for you. At the end of the day this is your business and we work to fit it to you.

    We work with market leaders such as MTV, so we know the people you want to attract!




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