Passed the Driving Test 10 things to do next.

Have you recently passed the driving test and are now wondering what next? Well, here are 10 things that you could to improve your experience and keep you safe:

1. Go out for a drive. If you have a car, you don't need to wait for your new driving licence to arrive after the test, you can now legally drive without supervision as long as you are insured.

2. Inform your insurance company. You need to inform your insurance company that your provisional licence has changed to a full one having passed the driving test, or you might not be covered in the case of an accident.

3. Take a Pass Plus course. Taking a pass plus driving course could not only get you cheaper insurance, but you will gain valuable experience from the course to make you a safer and more confident driver. You will get to drive on the motorway with an instructor to guide you, as well as learn how to deal with severe weather driving, and other skills. Drivers in London can also get a rebate from Transport for London. There is no driving test to take after the pass plus course.

4. Get acquainted with your local parking restrictions if you have a car and are going to be driving around. Ignorance is no excuse, you learnt about yellow lines and parking restrictions for your theory test, and you need to make use of that information otherwise you will get lots of parking tickets or even have your car towed away.

5. Learn about basic car maintenance. You need to know how regularly you should check your car's engine oil, car coolant, tyres and lights, when the next service or MOT is due and the insurance/Tax needs to renewed.

6. Know how to fill up at a petrol station. If you didn't ask your driving instructor to show you this, then once you get your car you better find out how to do this, and make sure you can know how to read your car's petrol gauge.

Filling Up a Petrol Station Video

7. Get road assistance cover for your car. It wouldn't be a pleasant experience to have your car breakdown on you as a new driver in an unfamiliar area.

8. Go on an advanced driving course or take an advanced driving test (IAM, RoSPA, DIAmond).

9. Buy a car! Well what did you pass the test for?

10. Send your driving instructor a thank you card. Tell your friends you have passed, and recommend your driving instructor if he was instrumental to your passing the driving test.

Important: DON'T drive someone's car if you are not insured, the risks are not worth the joyride, especially if you are involved in an accident.

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  1. Anonymous1:43 pm

    And never fill your petrol car with diesel coz it costs too much. And I'd like to add on number 5: Choose a mot station that you can trust and deliver you proper explanation of your car's diagnosis.




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