Learning to drive - DVSA Drivers Record Step by Step

You should be following a structured step by step syllabus when learning to drive in the UK. You should have received a driver's record with your provisional licence, or your driving instructor should provide you with one on your first lesson.

The Driver's Record in detail.
This is a very useful document for the learner driver when preparing for the practical DVSA car assessment, as it helps you keep track of your acquired driving skills as you learn, as well as it being a good indicator for you to know when you are ready for the driving test. The driver's record consists of a list of skills that you will be tested on during the driving test, and numbers 1-5 against each skill. The meaning of the numbers are listed below.
  • 1 - The skill is introduced

  • 2 - Skill completed under full instruction

  • 3 - Skill can be done if prompted

  • 4 - Skill can be done and you are seldom prompted

  • 5 - You are completely independent, and carry out the skill with no help

  • Using the driver's record, you therefore have a step by step guide on where your skills are, and what you need to do to be ready for the driving test, while learning to drive.
    On your first driving lesson if you've never had any driving tuition before, the first skill you will be taught is the cockpit drill, and by the end of the lesson you should be able to tick the number 4 box for this skill and number 5 box by the end of the second lesson.
    Note:There is no reason why you should be wasting valuable time of your first lesson while learning to drive on the cockpit drill, get a family member or friend who drives to teach you this, there are even videos on the internet about the cockpit drill (I posted a link to one not too long ago, use the search button above to find it).

    A common question driving instructors get is when will I be ready for my driving test? With the driver's record you can answer that question yourself, as you need to be able to honestly say I've reached level 5 on all the skills listed. If you can do that, then you are ready for the driving test. Many people have problems graduating from level 4 to 5 on a skill, and this is where private practice comes in. Unfortunately not every one learning to drive has access to a car for private practice, and thus they have to continue to use their driving instructor (this is the point where people start thinking that their instructor is milking them) in order to reach that level 5 satge.

    Currently there is no requirement by the DSA for a learner driver to present a signed driver's record in order to take the UK driving test while learning to drive, so this document is merely for your guidance , so you might find some instructors not using one.

    If you are currently learning to drive in the UK with an instructor or privately, I strongly recommend you get a copy of the driver's record and use it as your step by step guide to know when you are ready for the driving test. If you only put in for the test when you get to level 5 for all skills, then you are more likely to be one of the 42% of the people that pass their driving test.

    Driver's Record Link
    Download Driver's Record step by step guide on the DSA website for learning to drive.

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