Driving Lessons save money by being consistent

Take Consistent Driving Lessons

You need to be consistent with your driving lessons, not only to make good progress, but to save you money in the long run. As a driving instructor, I see many people start learning to drive, they take lessons for a couple of weeks or months, and then stop! Now I know circumstances can change, finances can be tight, but doing this is actually wasting money!

No matter how good you are at learning to drive, if you take a long break from driving lessons while still learning the basic skills, you will forget things and when you return, you will have to spend a couple of lessons refreshing your knowledge. Also if your break is around 6 months, it is most likely that the cost of driving lessons will have gone up.

As human beings, we give priority in our life to things that are important to us, if we started having driving lessons because friends are doing so, then when things get tough, we are not going to have a good enough reason to continue, if on the other hand we need to be able to drive to pursue the ideal career we want, then we are most likely to find means of continuing our driving lessons.

As I mentioned in the beginning, consistency is the key, if you can only take a driving lessons once every 1 week, then it is better than taking a 2 hour lesson once a month.

Before you start taking driving lessons you need to think about how much it will cost you. You will need about 20 lessons (average if you are aged between 17 - 23) to cover all the basic skills contained in the DSA driver's record, the rest of the time you are gaining experience and becoming independent in the skills you have been taught, so find out how much it will cost to get these 20 hours of tuition, and either save for it, or allow for it in your weekly or monthly budget.

If you can then keep up with your driving lessons till you pass the driving test, then great, if not, at least you are more likely to take less time to get back to where you where than if you stop learnng to drive after only having 8 driving lessons.

How many driving lessons will I need to be ready to pass the driving test first time?
Bad driving lessons.

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