Foreign International Licence and UK Driving Test

Are you a foreign license holder looking to pass the UK Driving Test, then this video contains valuable advice that will help pass the driving test here in the UK.

While you might think that you can drive because you have held your foreign licence for so many years, have not been involved in any car accidents and have been driving successfully in the UK for the last 12 months on your international permit, non of these factors mean that you are prepared for the UK driving test, and unless you get the right advice and proper training, you will just be another one of those 60% of people who fail the DSA assessment and don't get their full UK driving licence.

Take the time to get rid of those bad habits you have learnt over the years through professional driving lessons, (some of you for example never use the handbrake while driving, even when pedestrian are walking in front of the car), know what the DSA examiner is looking for and increase your chances of passing the driving test first time.

If you want to pass the driving test, you need to know what you are being assessed on, and just because you got through the theory first time, has nothing to do with the practical. Having been in this business for a long time, I can tell you that taking professiona lessons with a qualified instructor will be the best thing you could do before meeting the DSA examiners.

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  1. On a related topic, firstly, do you know if it is possible to get car insurance on a foreign licence? I know the DVLA will accept my foreign licence for up to 12 months, but will any car insurers do the same? A couple of insurers have already said that they will be unable to insure my vehicle on the basis of my having a Malaysian licence.
    Secondly, a Malaysia licence is considered provisional for the first two years after passing the driving test- not the same as a UK provisional licence, which is the pre-test licence, right? I'm am still on a provisional Malaysian licence. How will this affect my ability to drive in the UK? Will the DVLA accept this type of "provisional" licence from a foreign country.

    Any help you can give is much appreciated!


  2. Anonymous6:46 pm

    I have just failed the driving test a second time (Experienced driver with over 18 years of driving without any problems), had 30 lessond in the UK. Drove absolutely fine during the both tests and yet failed, basing 2 driving errors first time and 1 error second time. I am completely convinced that it is a money -making exersise of dvla, really dont have any other explanation. The procedure needs to be more transparent and not dependant on one examener.




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