Drive down UK petrol prices

With the price of crude oil rising by about One Cent a second, could UK drivers force the oil companies to lower the price of petrol by taking action like boycotting a paticular brand?

As a Driving Instructor in Mill Hill, it would be helpful if something could be done, by us drivers, though one of the reasons for the high petrol prices in the UK is goverment tax.

The UK car driver doesn't really have much say in how much they pay for petrol per litre, nor do I think they can do without their car for a day or two.


  1. Anonymous4:43 pm

    thank god! i dont really blame the petrol producers though, it's this tax mad government. Lets all face it, Labour WILL NOT win the next election as we've had enough of 10 years of price rises in ALL sectors.

    Fed up.

  2. Anonymous10:15 pm

    Many states in the USA influence the price of petrol in their area by reporting on a website the price charged by their local station. Here is a link to one of the sites for the UK. Spread the word!!

  3. Just to let you know where you stand in the world at this moment in terms of how much you poor people of the UK are paying per litre. We here in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, are paying A$1.39 per litre, which is roughly 64 pence, for unleaded. Weirdly, our price is regulated according to the prices in Singapore, which is one-fifth the population of Australia. Why is this? I've got no idea!




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