Serious DSA Driving Test Faults Errors Yoo Can Fail On!

There are 2 classifications of any mistake that a learner driver makes during the UK practical car driving test, so what are they? This is a very common question I get asked a lot by readers of this driving school blog, so I thought a video with some answers is in order. The examiner will either mark a driver error or serious/dangerous error these have come to be commonly known in the the industry unofficially as Major and Minor driving test faults on the UK.

I'm not sure where the term originated from, but the Driving Standards Vehicles Agency currently does not use the term for faults, errors or mistakes made on the practical driving/riding test.

Any mistake made during the test are called driving errors, and you are allowed a maximum of 15 errors and still pass the test (committing the same driving error or fault more than 3 times COULD also mean a failure if the examiner classifies it as a habit that should have been dealt with by the instructor or supervising driver). You should however note that if any of the driving errors is classified as a serious or dangerous error, then you will fail the test irrespective of whether there are 15 or less total driving errors.

One of the most common things I've seen amongst learner drivers coming to me for a lesson or two before the driving test, is not treating little mistakes serious enough, because generally it would be classified as a MINOR. Instead of putting in the effort to get rid of the habit, they want to go and see the driving examiner as is! Some of them have gotten away with it passing the test first time, but many more have unfortunately not made it on the first go, so listen to any advice from your adi.

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DSA Examiner Driving Test Routes
As an instructor over the years I have seen some very good drivers get tripped up at some tricky places on some of the routes by examiners in the NW London area, so I have made these tutorial videos to cover these situations.

Each video covers what I have found out to the toughest route, and has additional tips on other places or things that you should be aware as a driving test candidate. These are offered as complimentary preparation materials to your lessons or private practice sessions.

Hendon Driving Test Routes Video 2015

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Independent Driving On the Test.
Theory Test Changes
Driving Test Changes.

Mill Hill Driving Test Route Video

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Borehamwood Test Centre WD6 Route Videos

List of Common Driving Test Serious Faults in The UK

1. Junctions, not taking effective observations before emerging
2. Ineffective Observations when moving off (Not checking RIGHT BLIND SPOT)
3. Lack of Control during manuevers (This usually means you didn't do the exercise at the standard required, hitting the kerb, to wide reversing round corner, not completely in the bay).
4. Not using mirrors effectively. Remember MSM when dealing with an hazard, not just turning.
5. Incorrect use of speed during the driving test. One major failing point for a lot of learners is driving too slow! Obviously you fail if you persistently break the speed limit.
6. Wrong use of signals during the test, this error is usually due to the candidate forgetting to cancel a signal after turning, though you can also fail for not signally before a junction.
7. Poor road positioning, vering out of lane on dual carriageways or roundabouts and when turning right from a Major road to a minor one.
8. Poor steering at junctions, going too wide or mounting the kerb which is reserved for pedestrians.

As you can see, it is quite common to fail on things that you might think are minor, so take time to get enough practise and deal with any weaknesses before going for the driving test, as the DSA examiner only needs ONE serious error to fail you on the DL25 report sheet.

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  1. Real helpful site - thanks for this.

    I actually passed my test some years ago, but a number of people I know are in the process of learning to drive and I shall point them to this Blog. Especially this post about major/minor errors - I'm sure it will make them less nervous about the test and also make them safer drivers for when I need a lift from them in future years.




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