Meeting Traffic on The Driving Test

Here is some information to help with meeting traffic during the UK driving test or on your lessons if not learning to drive using a qualified driving instructor such as friends or family.

The key things to remember about a meeting situation are:

1. Recognise the situation where you might be meeting traffic (narrow roads) or large vehicles such as a bus or HGV approaching.

2. Look down the road for gaps in between parked cars (driveways), either on the left for you to use by pulling into them, or on the right that you can stop opposite and allow the oncoming cars/vehicle to use. If in doubt as to if there is a space especially when a large vehicle is coming towards you, then DO NOT enter the narrow space, as big vehicles tend to barge they way through these meeting traffic situations especially when learners are involved.

3. Keep your speed slow and do not force your way through, especially if you are meeting larger traffic. You will get a serious driver fault you clip another car's mirror in the process, so pay attention and do not continue if you are not 100% sure there is enough space. The DSA driving examiner knows you are inexperienced and will not penalise you even if a car infront of you managed to squeeze through.

4. Even when you have the right of way, remember other cars especially HGV Drivers might not slow down for you!

Meeting Traffic Video

If in doubt slow down the vehicle with an intention of stopping and assess the situation from there. Always remember the motto 'Less Space, Less Pace'. Call me if you need lessons or want to practice some of the routes that you might get on the driving test in NW London area.

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