Moving off and stopping driving lesson advice

Further to my filming of a pupil's first driving lesson for TV, I'd like to remind you of a few things you learn for moving off and stopping.

On your first lesson with an ADI you should get to move off and stop after you've been taught the cockpit drill and introduced to the car controls (I normally have a 2 hour lesson for absolute beginners).

There are 3 concepts that you will be introduced to:

POM - preparing the car, making all round observation and then moving the car.
MSM - Mirrors, Signal, Manoeuvre. Note that I said mirrors, from the very beginning you should be taught to check mirrors in pairs, when you get to test standard, checking all mirrors would then be a bonus.
SCALP - Use scalp to choose a spot for stopping the car.

The attached audio file is a step by step instruction and talk through moving off and stopping for a beginner learning to drive a car. Media link | Details page

Download this driving podcast to your portable device.

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