6 Points On Provisional Driving Licence and DVSA Practical Test

Having taken the trouble to apply for a provisional licence, and started on the road towards the UK driving test, it is important you take care of your licence especially if you want to legally drive nice cars and take your friends to a game of football or that dream pop concert without having a hefty insurance bill or the threat of losing it due to the 2 year probation period after passing the driving test.

Points on the provisional license is a question that I get asked a lot by visitors to this blog, so in this podcast I address the issue of penalty points on the learner driver's licence and how it affects your taking the driving test. The new drivers act means that if you get 6 or more points on your driving licence in the 2 years after you pass the driving test, your licence will be revoked and you will have to resit the DSA assessment, but what happens if you already have 6 points on your license? I had to call the DVLA offices in Swansea to find out the answer to this as there seemed to be some conflicting views from the local ADI community.

So can you still take the driving test if you have 6 points on your provisional licence?

According to the person I spoke to at the DVSA office, you can still take the UK driving test, and if you pass, you will be issued with a full British driving licence, but you are not allowed any additional points on your licence or it will be revoked if it occurs within 2 years of you passing the test and you still have the 6 points or more on your licence.

Penalty points on your provisional licence usually last 4 years, and you have to apply to the DVSA to have them removed (there is a fee to pay as well), they don't automatically get removed which means your insurance premiums remain high (even after passing.

If you have a question about driving in general or the DSA car/motorcycle test in particular you would like answered that hasn't been dealt with on my blog (use the search function first, and don't forget the comments section as well), then make contact via email.

As a driving instructor living and working in Mill Hill/Hendon area, by local knowledge is second to none, and I have a high pass rate for my learners and am quite affordable.

The bottom line according to the DVLA is as long as you have a provisional licence that has not been revoked and you have not been banned by the courts, then you can still take the driving test no matter how many points are on the licence, and the DSA examiner has now powers to stop you from driving including taking the test.

If you have 12 points on your driving licence full or provisional and are facing a complete ban, there are a few solicitor companies out there that might be able to help you avoid getting a ban, but this will depend on your individual circumstances, so you will need to contact them to find out if they are able to help in your case.

To listen to the audio blog about the New driver's act, and how it affects people who have passed their driving test in the last 2 years, click on the play button below.

Question: I am a learner driver, if I get caught speeding during a driving lesson, jumping red traffic lights (failing to stop), etc whilst being taught by an approved instructor, who gets the penalty points and or fine?
A: The driver of the car is primarily responsible, though the supervising driver could be charged with abetting the offence if there is evidence to support this. If the car is fitted with dual controls, then it is easy for the ADI to bring the car under control (to avoid speeding on purpose), jumping a red light can be a little more tricky as there is a safety issue if there is a close following car, though I can usually predict if a student has failed to notice a red light and doesn't intend to stop.

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  1. Anonymous1:19 am

    i hope that you right mate
    thanks 4 ur help

  2. Anonymous12:51 pm

    That's really useful to know - thanks! I went through a red light - on an official driving lesson, in a dual control car (!) and received 3 points. I've been really nervous driving since in case I make any other daft mistakes which would cost me my provisional license. Obviously I changed to a new instructor!

  3. Anonymous5:18 pm

    If what you say is true that is such a relief. Cheers

  4. Anonymous6:01 am

    hello i was wanting to get adivce on something i hope u can help me what it is i got toke to court for having no licence i got 6 point and 3 years probation then 2months after it i passed my test i aint got a car yet just want to no if it means i cant drive atall even low i passed my test b nice if u could help

  5. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Hello, thanks for the info, it is very useful, but my husband had got 9 points on his provisional, why was his pro license not revoked, i guess that it was because he had the two convictions about the same time, so the first court gave him 3 points, and the other court gave him 6 points, the offence code on his counter part in these two incidents are both LC20, which I do not understand what it means. So what can he do to get a full license? He had retaken a test not long after his points but did not pass, i think these points also affect the examiner's feeling about his driving. We are desperate as he needs to pass the test so we can earn the living. Please can you tell me?

  6. Anonymous3:56 pm

    what I mean is can he still take driving test and what will happen if he pass it. Thanks a lot.

  7. Anonymous3:14 am

    passed my test on Friday 27.2.09 i want to know when will my license come because i gave the examiner my provisional to send off also for everyone taking there test do not go to MILL HILL it has such a bad pass rate go to Borehamwood it has a really good pass rate and i should know mill hill fail me 5 times also my mate fail there for stalling with 6 miners 1 serous for stalling he went for a appel and won and get a free test do again at Borehamwood do not go to mill hill it really bad go and its your own risk i should know i done a lot of research get back to me everyone book Borehamwood you will thank me.

  8. Anonymous2:38 am


    i've gt a problem i was driving with out a L plate and not insured on me and i hit a wall what will i get, u reckon that i will gt banned,

  9. Anonymous11:17 am

    Hello I was just wondering if you get 6 points in your first two years probation period after passing your test and you get your licence revoked,after you re-take and pass for a second time do you then get another 2 years of worrying about a new probation period?

    Many thanks Adam

  10. Anonymous11:22 am

    No, you don't get a new 2 year probation period, but the 6 points remain on your driving licence, and the normal 3 year tooting rules still apply, which means if you get another 6 penalty points added, you will face a driving ban.

  11. it has been really nice to share all this info , it feels quite bad loosing your licence. for driving turorials for uk you can visit Driving Videos Lessons

  12. Anonymous3:29 pm


    I have read many different sites and that about the drivers act... And my situation is that I drove with my insurance in April09 and got a court hearing for August09 but four days before I the court hearing I passed my test. I recieved 6 points and a fine.

    The legal aid at the court advised me that I will not lose my license due to the time of the offence was on a provisonal and not when I was within my 2 year probation scheme. But I may need to send off my license as soon as I get it if the paper part doesnt have my convictions on it.

    I have just today recieved my license back from passing my test (and the paper part has not convictions on it) and also a letter from the DVLA asking me to send this back?

    I am really scared and panicing because I have got a car and insurance and I am worried my license will be revoked?

    Please can you help me and advise me of the situation...


  13. Anonymous6:10 pm

    Thanks for nice article.

    I want to drive with my friend who is having 2 Years of UK license.If i get myself insured in his car and properly display L Plates.

    How many points i will get if i am caught driving with him.

    Is my insurance will be valid ?

    Please reply soon

  14. Anonymous9:46 pm

    Can someone help me please? My son has just had his licence revoked, 3 points before he passed his test and then another 3 points in the 2 year probation period!! The TVP fixed penalty office said they had sent his licence to the DVLA to see if they would revoke it - as they did. Since the DVLA has sent him a letter asking him to surender his licence and send it back to them. We dont know who has his licence now!! Fixed penalty office dont seem to have a clue and we can never get through to the DVLA!! Just to make things worse he received another 3 points for speeding (I know, stupid) but cant send a lecence off, provisional or otherwise because he cant get his provisional until he has surrendered his full one!!! Any advice please - I am losing patience on all sides!!

  15. Anonymous5:15 pm

    can u help me answer this awkward question ..i got caught today driving while on provisional with no one in car therefor insurance void ..my test is this week ..if i pass will the six points go on provisional licence or straight onto full licence as it hasnt been to court yet but offence was whilst on provisional?

  16. Anonymous11:57 am

    hi,,, can you help me??
    i was driving without l plates and on my own with a provisional license only and went through a speed camera!! doin 37 in a 30!! if i send of my details and prov lisense number what will happen to me am really worried!! thankyou..

  17. Anonymous1:59 am

    i am just wondering, i passed my theory test but am still waiting for my licence to be posted out. Can i still drive or should i wait until my licence gets here? Thanks,...., claire

  18. Anonymous6:45 am

    Claire, do you mean you passed the practical test? If yes, then you can drive without your full licence arriving (take your pass certificate just in case).

  19. Anonymous10:50 am

    Hi can u you help my son got 6 points on his provisional licence can he still ride his moped with 6 points regards paul

  20. Anonymous10:39 am


    my cousin has a provisonal licence and whilst she was being taught by her brother he used his mobile phone, police stopped them and issued brother with 3 points and the female driver with 6 points, saying that though she was not using the mobile phone, her instructor was, and the fact she had no insurance, though her brother has,

    she will also get £200 fine, as well as the 6 points, will she get banned the minute she applies for the full licence, or will she get a ban now?

  21. Anonymous12:52 pm

    just a quick question.

    my sister was learning to drive, showing L plates etx on her brothers vehicle, who was insured to drive and was giving her lessons.

    But then he was using his mobile phone whilst she was learning,

    Police came along and gave him 3 ponts for using mobile phone whilst she was driving.

    but she also got 6 points, for mobile phone and having no insurance, when in fact she was not using the mobile phone and the car was insured in her brothers name.

    is this correct? can she be issued with these points and will she now be disqaulified or when she passes her test?

  22. Unfortunately the police were right in giving her the 6 points, 3 for insurance since she needs to be named on the brother's car insurance policy. In fact the brother doesn't need insurance to supervise a learner as long as he doesn't drive the vehicle.

    The other 3 points for the brother using the phone would be under aiding and abetting a motoring offence. Anyone supervising a learner can not use a mobile phone, and that icludes DRIVING INSTRUCTORS, and it is your duty to stop them from doing so, otherwise you can get penalised as well.

  23. Anonymous1:48 pm

    In regards to the previous case, why was the girl given only 3 points for driving without insurance?? I thought it happened to be 6-8 point penalty?

  24. Anonymous2:03 pm

    Hi, I have 6 points on my provisional licence which i got on my 125cc motorbike 3 for speeding and 3 for not having an L plate on the back. would these points still be there when i pass my driving test? even though the points were gained on a motorbike?

  25. Yes, each person in the UK only gets one driving licence which covers you to drive or ride provided you pass the relevant test.

  26. Anonymous9:55 am

    HI i bumped into a car drove around the corner when into my m8s cops came and i had to speak to them, im a learner scooter driver, will i lose my scooter by that i mean get a ban?

  27. Anonymous8:49 pm

    i currently have a full uk licence
    this is my second full uk licence, my first licence i got 6 points within my first 2 years so ultimately i got banned although when i went to court my lawer told me i was still allowed to drive ..until dvla sent me a letter through the post saying they were going to backdate the points to the time of offence...so i ultimatly kept driving .. the police pulled me over around two years later and i had been driving every day since and told me i was revoked...... i got 8 points on my provisional for that .. iv since re sat my test and just got caught doing 98 mph what do i do and what can i expect from the court
    many thanks

  28. Anonymous8:09 pm

    Hi - my son has his driving test tomorrow. We have recently moved and the licence with new address on hasn't yet arrived. As he updated his change of address online he still has his provisional and paper bit in his possession but with old address on. Will this be a problem? His theory pass slip has the new address on. Very many thanks. Michelle

  29. No it is not a problem. he wiil be asked to put the new address on the current licence.

  30. Anonymous8:53 am

    hi i got caught learning how yo bay park just before my test an got 9 points on my provisnal i av stopped taking my driving lessons wat do u think the ourt will do or say

  31. 12 points usually means a ban, did the police (they are the ones who caught you bay parking) say you were being reported rather than give you the points on the spot? If you are taking to court, then you need to get a lawyer.

    Some lawyers are able to find reasons for you not being banned, but they obviously do not come cheap.

  32. Hi,i was wondering what can I do I've pass my motorbike test from 1980 I was ban in 1982 for doing a wheelie never think nothing of it went to cars in 1989 pass my car test now about a year ago decided to ride a motorcycle again the only trouble is my motorcycle licence is not on my car licence. I've done the cbt but I think shouldn't be doing my test again could someone tell what can do about it I've got prove now.

  33. Hello today I got 6 point on my provisional licence from curt becouse drove without incurance. Still I can drive car and pass my driving test now?

  34. Hi. I got 6 point on my provisional licence from curt becouse drove without incurance. Letter saying I need send my licence with payment. can drive car and pass my driving test now?or I need reapply for new provisional license?

  35. You need to send your licence and fee to court as requested, once you get it back you can take driving test. You can not apply for new provisional licence.

  36. HI, I have got 6 points on my provisional licence for driving without Insurance and got a letter from police to either pay £300 and 6 points will be added to my Provisinal Licence or i need to appeal against this in the court.I will leave it for now as i have got 28 days to do that. Now the question is I have my Driving test in next couple of days, what would be the situation if i pass? Will I get my full driving licence? Can I drive with that Licence? Sorry to ask Like this as i can see this kind of questions asked by many people. i would really appreciate if someone could help me with the above Query. Thanks in Advance **MB**

  37. hi, I just received a fine and 8 points on my provisional license (for driving without a full licensed driver next to me and consequently without insurance, as it was void). Can i still take the test and if so if I pass, what happens? The full license will be revoked? Do I have to wait 4 years to be able to drive?

    1. You can still take the driving test and if you pass will be given a full licence with 8 points on it. If within 2 years of passing you get any more points, then your licence will be revoked and you'll have to take the test again.

  38. I have recently been given 3 points but i do not even have a provisional license i am sending off my application soon should i declare the points or do they automaticaly go on from the DVLA
    Let us know please


    1. The points will be added to your provisional licence by the DVSA when it is issued.

  39. question .... My son has just been given 6 points on his provisional license.... Can he still drive his moped with 6 points on Provisional ?

  40. Hi can u you help my son got 6 points on his provisional licence can he still ride his moped with 6 points regards Gill

  41. Hello, have got 3 points on my provisional then I got stopped by the police again for driving in accordance to driving license. After that have passed my pratical and they just added another 3 points on my license from before I got my full license. Does that mean my license would be revoked ?

  42. Anonymous8:25 pm

    I had a full licence but revoked due to MS90. I didn't know that they sent me a letter to identify myself. I appealed but the letter got lost in post. they asked me to bring proof that I sent the appeal but I lost receipt and post office cant get receipt. rang lawyers they charge 250 per hour. so I decided to leave.
    I got a provisional license now and learning to drive again but on my way to meet my driving teacher I was stopped by police. L plate in my boot. any idea what happens to me

  43. I have 6 points on my provisional license and I’m currently doing my driving lessons can I still be insured as a learner driver on my parents car?




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