Hendon driving test centre

Here is some information about Hendon driving test centre, one of the centres that I use for my pupil's driving tests.
Over the years that I have been an ADI, I have noticed that the Hendon driving examiners are very helpful and relaxed, and this is probably one of the reasons it has a higher pass rate than Mill Hill. Now don't think that you wouln't fail the test at this centre in Aviation Squsre, Beaufort Park, NW9 if you are not at the standard, you will. If you are however a nervous driver, you will be put at ease by the examiners.


If you require Driving Lessons in Hendon, then I'm the instructor to contact, and would love help you pass your driving test either at this centre or the nearby Mill Hill DSA test centre, give me a call on 07956233032, manual driving tuition is currently £20 for the first hour.

The telephone number to use for this test centre if you have a date with a driving examiner is on the appoinment letter you were sent confirming your driving test, and the number should only be used to call on the day to confirm there are no late DSA cancellations due to weather problems. If there are cancellations, you will not lose your fee, and don't need to re-book your driving test as this will automaticaly be done for you but you won't be able to claim any compensation for tests cancelled due to bad weather or un-safe road conditions.

Hendon Test Centre Phone Number

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