Driving Test tip - Use the Handbrake

Here is a useful driving test tip you should observe during the UK dsa car test, you should use the handbrake if you stop, and there is a slight chance that the car will roll back or forward. Failure to do so could end up with you getting a driving error, and if this is a serious error, then you would have failed the dsa practical car assessment, and would need another attempt to get that full british licence. This video of a learner driver car shows you the reason why using the handbrake is very important during the driving test.

I also advice using the handbake during driving manoeuvres like the turn in the road, 3 point turn, bay parking and reverse round the corner , as it keeps you safe by not allowing the car to roll out of control. The DSA examiner will not penalise you for not using the parking brake during a parallel parking maneuver as long as you remain in control of the car, but the extra few seconds it takes shouldn't stop you from doing so.

More driving test tips and advice for learner drivers and any foreign licence holders seeking information on passing the UK DSA practical car assessment.

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