Dangerous driver no Excuse!

Dangerous Driver Un roadworthy car
For this kind of driving behaviour!

This car was being driven with the drivers door not being properly secured on a 3 lane dual carriage way. Prior to meeting traffic, the car was travelling at over 30 miles an hour, even overtaking other cars! Many people seem to forget the trouble they went through to get a full UK licence!

By the way it is against the law to drive an un-roadworthy vehicle on a public highway. He probably got away with it and because of that he might do it again. While I'm not concerned about the driver's own safety, I do think he should think about other road users and consider what could be the concequences of his driving actions. It is drivers like these that cause the cost of car insurance to rise as they are not safe drivers and will eventully be involved in an accident.

As a learner driver, you should adopt an attitude of safety even after you have passed the driving test.

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