Inconsiderate Drivers Passed Test

I am appalled by drivers who sit in their cosy warm cars and cannot spare a few extra moments for pedestrians or other vulnerable road users.

This morning a car driver was so in a hurry to overtake a cyclist she was almost running the poor guy over, blowing her horn impatiently all because she wanted to gain an extra second or two!

On the driving test one of the things the examiner is looking at is your attitude towards other road users, while most learners do have the right attitude while learning, it is amazing how quickly they forget what they have learnt once they pass the test!

Sometime ago there was a report in the media about a man being fined by the police for splashing a pedestrian, and this just goes to show that a lot of drivers don't consider other vulnerable road users while driving.

If you are driving, why not give that cyclist or pedestrian right of way, by slowing down, allowing them to cross the road at a junction, crossing, the few seconds you lose doing this will not cost you a fortune, and will be much appreciated!

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  1. I think that the concept of courtesy is on the wane in certain areas. Especially roundabouts, where I continually curse people who pull out in front of me, without giving even a glance in my direction. Earlier this week we were stuck in a line of traffic, and a big black BMW came up the outside and turned right, just completely jumping the queue. What frustrates me is that I couldn't grab the driver and tell him what an arrogant, ignorant person they were!

  2. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Maybe there was some kind of emergency for her?




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