Passed driving test - Filling up at a petrol station.

Here is the first of a series of quick driving tips for those of you new inexperienced drivers who have just passed their UK car driving test. The aim is that these tips are simple things not normally covered on your lessons with an instructor, that will help make life easy while out developing your newly acquired driving skills and gaining experience on the roads.

Have you ever pulled up at a petrol station and wondered what side of the car do I fill up from? You probably are wishing you learnt this during your driving lessons.

Most cars nowadays have an indication of this on the dashboard next to the fuel gauge. It is usually a petrol pump, with an arrow pointing to the side of the car where you fill up from.

filling up at petrol station driving tip

The picture above shows that the petrol tank is filled from the left.

You can always ask your driving instructor or whoever is teaching you to demonstrate and show you how to fill up at a petrol station while still preparing for the practical test during normal driving lessons.

It is important that you don't misfuel by putting petrol in a diesel engine or the other way round.

Filling Up at Petrol Station For Learners Video

More post driving test tips to follow.

Post test motorway lessons

Finally, remember that you are on probation for the first 2 years after passing the driving test, so be careful, and drive safely, the video below shows an example that you SHOULD NOT follow!

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  1. Hi Driving instructor, long time!!
    Yes thanks for the concern about my driving, passed the bugger, so been driving now for a couple of weeks.

    I hope you are alright.
    Take care




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