Driving Test Out of the Blue

I just got a call from a learner driver pupil of mine who last had a driving test in the summer of 2005, had 2 lessons in November 2005 and wanted to know if I could take him for a practical driving test booked for Wednesday 11th Jan.

The answer of course was no! Being a part time instructor means that my time is pretty tied up with the pupils who are current with their learning and having someone call me up for a test a week away when I haven't seen them for months will not work!

While he claims to have been practising with a friend, I have no idea what his driving is currently like, and booking a test without even consulting with the instructor you are hoping to take you for the test, well that is plain stupid, maybe some pupils think that instructors are so money hungry they will jump at anyone that wants a driving lesson! One of the main reasons why a lot of instructors do the job is because they can dictate their working hours.

If you are planning to use an approved instructor for a driving test, then better contact him/her before you book your test, not only to check their availability, but they also need to access your driving, and would probably need at least 2 hour lessons before they can consider taking you for a test.

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