Learning to Drive Aged 17

I currently have 17 year old male pupil who is very keen on learning to drive (the young boys are always keen!), and he is doing well at the moment, picks up things at a good pace, does his reading homework and listens to the driving instructors advice. The boy have this competitive streak, which means they always want to out do their peers either by passing before them or passing the driving test first time.

Some time ago I had a 17 year old who was from a well to do family, and he kept going on about how most of his mates had passed their driving tests and he wanted to do the same, preferably first time. Hid dad had bought him a block of 12 AA driving lessons as a gift for his 17th birthday, so the race (his race) to pass the test was on. Living in NW London meant that we had busy roads to deal with, lots of mini roundabouts, a few big roundabouts, but mainly urban driving. As a keen young man he was doing well, and one day after he had done about 10 hours, he informed me his dad was going to buy him a car, nothing surprising since his dad had just bought himself a Porsche 911, and that was in addition to a company Mercedes Benz he was already driving. With things going well, I suggested he can book his test (knowing that the current waiting times at the 2 test centres I was using was about 10 - 12 weeks), so we had something to work towards, and considering how often he was having lessons, he would be at test standard if he kept going at the same rate, and used his car for private practise in between lessons. I got a surprise the next lesson when we met, as he said he had booked a test at Watford Test centre because he could get an earlier date, he was going to use his own car and his dad was going to take him!

Well to cut a long story short, after about 16 hours of tuition with me, he took his driving test and failed.

I hope my current 17 year old is patient for the right time. I've already had to caution him the other day, when he tried to be a bit of a boy racer.

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  1. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!
    Hope he realises that slow and steady wins the race!




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