Driving Lesson SCALP Routine

As a provisional licence holder you need to ensure you use the SCALP routine while on the driving test to demonstrate you are safe!

On your first driving lesson, your driving instructor would have introduced SCALP to you. You should also continue using this system even after passing your driving test.

This routine is designed to help you decide on a suitable place to park your car or carry out a manoeuvre from. Here is an explanation of SCALP.

Safe - The place you choose should be safe, i.e. not close to a junction (minimum of 10 metres).

Convenient - Choose a place where you will not inconvenience any one (don't block someone's driveway).

And Legal Position - Don't park your car anywhere illegal (on the approach to a pedestrian crossing for example).

Once you pass your driving test, you don't have to throw away all the good skills you acquired. The DSA's motto is 'Safe driving for life'.

Use SCALP when parking your car

Don't inconvenience other road use SCALP when parking your car

As you can see the driver of the car parked above has violated SCALP in more than one ways, not only is the car parked on the junction, but he/she is inconveniencing other road users as the road has been narrowed, therefore blocking the main road.

The fact that the car had its Hazard lights flashing did not give it a right to park there.

See the highway code regarding parking.

Important driving test tip: Do not stop your car on the right, if there is no space on the left keep going!

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